• CocoaHeadsBE presents: NSCoderNight!

    It has been mentioned a few times on previous Cocoaheads Belgium Meetings, and finally the idea is starting to shape up. The community took up the idea and we have a suggestion for a date and location for the first Belgian NSCoder Night.

  • Making you code easier to maintain using Objective-C Categories

    Well, as you all might know by now, I'm trying to take my first steps in iOS development. And if you read my previous post, you have already noticed that I was playing with some color schemes. After a while though I ended up settting my colors in all different kinds of places. When I wanted to change one color, I noticed I had to modify my code in 10 or more places. Sure, there must be an easier way to write more maintainalbe code, and Categories seem to be helping quite a bit.

  • How to use a custom background image in your grouped UITableView

    For those of you who didn't know it ... a few weeks ago I went to the iOS Bootcamp organized by the folks at Big Nerd Ranch Europe. The course was exactly what I needed to get me started on my own app. Some pieces of the Puzzle came together quite nicely during the course, but ... I wanted more.

  • Video – Automated Testing in an iOS World

    Finally found some time to process the video from last mont's session and have been able to upload it to Vimeo.

  • Cocoaheads Belgium October Meeting – Automated testing in an iOS world

    Its been a while since we had our last meeting, but we're getting ready for a new one. This month Eric Bariaux of TInSys will be talking about Automated Testing as an iOS Developer. And we have plenty of room this time, so feel free to sign up !

  • Book review: iPhone SDK Development

    When you want to learn developing applications for the iPhone, you have to start somewhere. For me, I usually start with buying a book, and study from it.

  • iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

    The last few weeks, I have been reading a new iPhone Programming related book from the guys at The Big Nerd Ranch, and I have to say, it has been one of the best books on the topic I read so far.

  • Cocoaheads Belgium August Meeting – Git, SVN, Mercurial and others

    Most of us will probably be back from our vacation, so it's time to meet up again, learn something about Version Control Systems and show each-other our awesome apps !

  • July Meeting Notes : WWDC, NSCoder Night & NSBBQ !

    The July meeting was filled with information on WWDC and quite a few suggestions from the community. If you are interested in the idea of an NSCoder Night or an NSBBQ, you should read on ...

  • Cocoaheads Belgium June meeting

    Finally we did put up all necessary information for the June 2010 Cocoaheads Belgium Meeting.

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