After a very interesting session on iCloud (thanks @bluecrowbar) in last night’s Belgian CocoaHeads we had the opportunity to talk to some people, old and new.

There seems to be a recurring problem with members that pops up at every meetup which is the lack of time to work on whatever ideas we have in our heads. We all have many started, but unfinished Xcode projects on our drives, right? For most of us the reality is that we spend most of our time working fulltime for customers, either freelance or on a payroll. As a result the only way to work on our own apps is either after hours, or during weekends. But it’s hard.

Some of us (including me) have worked 4/5 for a while to spend one day a week totally focussed on own ideas. Apparently I wasn’t alone and there was general agreement that you get so much more done on one full day of coding than on a series of evenings during the week. To add fuel to the fire we had the WWDC debacle last week where some ideas were thrown on Twitter about maybe meeting up in Belgium during WWDC week to chat, watch the “live” video’s from San Fransisco and what not.

It didn’t take long before someone threw “wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have one week dedicated to coding your own ideas away from ‘it’ all?” on the table. Again, it proved a thought which others had had at some point in time.

We talked about it for a while and came up with this as a setting:

  • a place to retreat for 5 days or so
  • a place that has a decent internet connection
  • a place where we can sleep
  • a place where you can work on your own ideas, surrounded by other developers
  • away from wife and/or kids (sorry honey)
  • away from the drudgery of daily life
  • away from whatever our fulltime job is

At this point in time, nothing is concrete. It is an idea. We want to find out if there are people interested. We are in the “maybe we should find out who’s interested” phase. It is an idea, a possible fix to cure the “I just don’t have enough time to work on my own apps” problem.

We have no location, no plan, we don’t know if it will be free or not, we don’t know how we will arrange food. We know fuck all basicly.

At this point in time, we need feedback: would you be interested in joining a group of 10-15 other devs, for 5 days away from home to work on your own apps?

We are looking for feedback. Please join us on our CocoaHeadsBe group:!topic/cocoaheadsbe/H5OSXeqTfvs