I’m actually quite proud to announce that Roving Bird launches it’s first iOS developers training. The training is aimed to be a 3-day all inclusive starter training for Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch) which will be held at Domein Martinus in Zoersel. The training is an All-inclusive training. The price for the training is set at 1.750 Euro (Excl. Taxes).

You might be wondering what is meant by an All-Inclusive training. Well the price includes food and lodging during the 3 days course at the Domein Marinus in Zoersel.

If that’s not enough to convince you, we have been able to extend the early bird reduction for Cocoaheads Belgium members up till Jan 19 2011.

This means any Cocoaheads Belgium member, who registers prior to the 19th of January, will only pay 1.500 Euro (Excl. Taxes).

Course will be held in English

Course Program

  • introducing Objective C
  • memory management
  • understanding MVC
  • using views and layers & using scrollviews
  • view controllers, tab controllers, navigation controllers, splitview controllers, popover controllers
  • using camera and imagepickers
  • tableviews / custom cells
  • local persistence using sqlite
  • accessing data on the internet and parsing xml
  • using the built-in gps and accelerometer
  • using gestures/shakes
  • animating objects
  • making your app multi-lingual and compatible with iPhone 4’s Retina display


  • General knowledge of an “OO” programming langauge (C++ / C# / Java of PHP)
  • a Mac with a recent version of Mac OS 10.6 en de most recent Xcode 3.x
  • iOS Developer Account
  • iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch of iPad) + Cable


Steven Vandeweghe

Steven is a seasoned Mac OS X developer with a great interest in 2D graphics. Steven has years of experience developing for Mac OS X and for iOS. Steven is the owner of Blue Crowbar Software.

Spencer Pieters

Spencer works for RovingBird and has a passion for anything related to mobile development. He is specialized in iOS and also has quite some experience developing for Andriod and Windows Phone 7.


You can register at Rovingbird.com