• 24 September: Mobile UX & CoreData

    We have two presentations this month, something general and something technical. Bert Timmermans will have a talk about mobile UX and Tom Adriaenssen will show us the adventures in Multithreaded Core Data

  • 30 May: Informal meeting NSBooze

    Our next informal CocoaHeads meeting will be on 30 May, 8pm at café Dulle Griet in Ghent. The perfect time to talk about Objective-C, our secret projects, and of course with a couple beers.

  • 26 April: DTrace for Beginners

    Koen Van Nieuwenhove (@CocoaCrumbs) will show us the basics of DTrace, the tool that's behind Apple's Instruments app.

  • Cocoaheads Belgium March 2012 Meeting

    The topic of this meeting will be iOS design case study: from concept to end result by Johan Ronsse (designer at wolfslittlestore.be)

  • Informal Meeting: 27th February.

    Hello all,

  • Cocoaheads Belgium June 2011 Meeting

    Since everyone is back from WWDC it's time to hold another Cocoaheads Belgium meeting ... this time with a very special Steve(n)Note !

  • Cocoaheads Belgium April 2011 Meeting

    It took a while before we got another Official Cocoaheads Belgium meeting, but this time we have something scheduled :-)

  • RovingBird launches its first iOS developers training

    Beginning iPhone & iPad development 23, 24 & 25 february 2011. Starter training Apple iOS (for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch). 3-day training (All-inclusive) at Domein Martinus in Zoersel. The course will be given by 2 members of our Cocoaheads Belgium community !

  • CocoaHeadsBE presents: NSCoderNight!

    It has been mentioned a few times on previous Cocoaheads Belgium Meetings, and finally the idea is starting to shape up. The community took up the idea and we have a suggestion for a date and location for the first Belgian NSCoder Night.

  • Making you code easier to maintain using Objective-C Categories

    Well, as you all might know by now, I'm trying to take my first steps in iOS development. And if you read my previous post, you have already noticed that I was playing with some color schemes. After a while though I ended up settting my colors in all different kinds of places. When I wanted to change one color, I noticed I had to modify my code in 10 or more places. Sure, there must be an easier way to write more maintainalbe code, and Categories seem to be helping quite a bit.

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