• 5 May: Working in an effective team

    Mike Seghers (iDA MediaFoundry) will give a talk about working in an effective team

  • 12 March: Intro to ReactiveCocoa

    Werner Ramaekers and Jan Sabbe will give us an introduction of ReactiveCocoa.

  • 3 February: Imaging Performance

    Raphael Sebbe from Creaceed will have a talk about performance considerations of imaging APIs on iOS. Slides are available at slideshare

  • 3 December: Runtime

    Subject of December CocoaHeadsBE will be 'RunTime', presented by Tom Adriaenssen (@inferis). Slides are available at slideshare.

  • 2 October: iOS 7

    Raphael Sebbe, Tom Nys and Steven Vandeweghe are going to talk about what's new for developers in iOS 7.

  • CocoaHeads Code Retreat

    After a very interesting session on iCloud (thanks @bluecrowbar) in last night’s Belgian CocoaHeads we had the opportunity to talk to some people, old and new.

  • 30 April: iCloud for Beginners

    Steven Vandeweghe (Blue Crowbar) will share some experiences of how he moved his B-list app from Core Data to UIDocument to be able to sync with iCloud.

  • 4 December: Informal meeting NSBooze

    Our next informal CocoaHeads meeting will be on 4 December, 8pm at front of McDonald’s Korenmarkt in Ghent.

  • 24 September: Mobile UX & CoreData

    We have two presentations this month, something general and something technical. Bert Timmermans will have a talk about mobile UX and Tom Adriaenssen will show us the adventures in Multithreaded Core Data

  • 30 May: Informal meeting NSBooze

    Our next informal CocoaHeads meeting will be on 30 May, 8pm at café Dulle Griet in Ghent. The perfect time to talk about Objective-C, our secret projects, and of course with a couple beers.

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